TBI and 50 years of major milestones

Approaching 50 years … TBI’s Major Milestones

There are lots of events to celebrate from our Toronto Brigantine history.

  •  May 13, 1962: The letters patent were signed and Toronto Brigantine Incorporated was registered as a charitable organization.
  • Nov 10, 1962: The laying of the Pathfinder Keel,  at Kingston Shipyards.
  • May 6, 1963: The launch of Pathfinder
  • Jul 1964: The Commissioning of Pathfinder by Vincent Massey
  • 1967: Sailing to Expo 1967 in Montreal
  • 1970: The founding of the Deep Sea Awards .
  • 1971: Guest aboard the Nonsuch while on the Great Lakes in Fall 1971.
  • 1971-1977: Setting up the Summer Base on Waupoos Islnd in 1971 and later its closing in 1977.
  • 1971: The nomination of the first female watch officer, Heather Sampson.
  • Jan 13, 1973: The laying of the Playfair’s keel.
  • May 1973: PLAYFAIR was launched in Kingston near the end of May 1973.
  • Jun 27, 1973: The naming of Playfair by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .
  • 1973: The first girls overnight programs were started.
  • Jul 24, 1974: The Commissioning of Playfair by Honorable Dennis R Trimbrell .
  • 1976: Participating in Opsail 76 in New York City.
  • 1980 was the year of the first coed programs and the first females in the wardroom.
  • •In 1984, the vessels participated in the Great Lakes Rendezvous tall ships gathering in Toronto.
  • Jun 1989 TBI celebrates 25 years and 5,000+ sail trainees at a gala event at Royal Canadian Yacht Club TBI BRIGANTINE GROUP MARKS ANNIVERSARY OF PATHFINDER Whig Standard Jun 1989
  • 1995 Pathfinder underwent a major refit with some of her hull plating replaced.
  • 1998: TBI wins the “Great Lakes Challenge”, the Chicago to South Haven portion of the Tall Ship race, and is granted the ASTA Black Pearl award 

And more to add….

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  1. Maryann Clair Nicholas | Reply

    Is J. Garfield Lorriman still alive?? My Dad was his business partner and our family was wondering if Mr. L since we had not gotten a Christmas card in a few years — Happy celebration this spring on 50 years of Pathfinder!!!

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