Thanks Algoma for your support

Toronto Brigantine is fortunate to have the support of Algoma and other organizations in the marine industry.

Here is an article from the Bear Facts, Algoma Central Corporation Newsletter, Winter 2009.  TBI Algoma newsletter Dec-09

The senior youth officers in the program put in 180 hours of volunteer time over the winter working on the boats and upgrading their training.  They have to qualify for many certifications throughout the program, and by their final year in the program they are ableto attain Transport Canada licences.   This commitment has created a gateway to careers in the marine industry for many of the TBI Alumni.

Then 2nd Engineer, Eric Wilson, Tim S Doot says “We developed leadership skills and learned to work as a team. Being part of the Brigantine helped me decide that I was interested in a career at sea.”

Captain Seann O’Donoughue, then Captain Algoisle, said “I enjoyed it as a youth and still have fond memories of the ships and the sailing. I joined TBI starting at the age of 16 and participated for four years. It spurned my interest in ships and the sea and steered me toward a marine career”

Algoma gives a $2,000 grant each year to support Toronto Brigantine’s training requirements. And they also sponsor a $500 scholarship to the most promising TBI youth officer that chooses to pursue post secondary marine training at a recognized marine institution.

Thanks Algoma.

Toronto Brigantine:

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