ISMA Freighter Trip Raffle … winners drawn Feb 23, 2013. Buy your tickets early

IMSA Freighter Trip Raffle. Great Prizes to be won for all those looking for some unique Great Lake experiences.   Proceeds go towards Georgian College Marine Scholarship, Toronto Brigantine, and Adventure Education  … and the winner will be announced at Toronto Brigantine’s Pirates Ball Feb 23, 2013 at Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto.
Only $5 per ticket!
The Grand Prize is 7 days on M V Algoma Sprit hosted by Captain Seann O’Donoughue of Algoma Central Corporation (many of you will know Seann from his TBI Days!). Second prize is a trip for a youth on the Brigantine’s next summer … or a group of 8 can get a chance to work on the Simulator at Georgian College … a weekend at Quilters Inn … and 30,000 Island tour on M V Chippewa III out of Parry Sound  .. a sunset cruise on M V Chi Cheemaun out of Tobermory
Any of TBI’s Board Members have raffle tickets … so does the office  … and we have the tickets for sail at most of the Port Events. Next Port of Call is Collingwood on Aug 10th.  Complete details of the Freighter Trip Raffle are provided here … and you can order your tickets through the mail!
And if you want to volunteer to help Toronto Brigantine sell raffle tickets, let us know.

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