Pathfinder Fundraising Update by J G Lorriman, May 27, 1963

The following is an update to Pathfinder Supporters sent by then TBI President J.G. Lorriman. Transcribed from original document provided by Paul Clarke Jul 19, 2012)


170 ST. GEORGE STREET, SUITE 419, TORONTO 5 924-2313, WAlnut 3-7924



Charles Q. Ellis

A. Grant MacLachlan

Stuart B. Playfair David p, Rogers

James Stewart

Olcott P Titus (handwritten)


J. Garfield Lorriman

Dr. Joslyn W. Rogers

John A. Clarke

James Ward Cotton

Robert I Hendy

Karin Larson

Dennis H. Love

Francis A. MacLachlan

John McVey

Dr. Morris L. Rotstein

Maurice D.   Smith

Leonard D. Stupart

Board of Advisors (handwritten in)

Edward P Lawless (handwritten in)

RR Rowe (handwritten in)

May 27, 1963

Dear Pathfinder Supporter:

Almost a year ago, a group of public-spirited citizens of the City of Toronto, who are interested in the training of young people in the Toronto area by “Building Character through Adventure”, formed a non-profit Company, Toronto Brigantine Incorporated. The purpose of the Company is to build and operate a square-rigged Brigantine similar to the “St. Lawrence II” which is now being used as a training ship operating out of Kingston, Ontario.

At the First Annual Meeting of Toronto Brigantine Incorporated last week, I was very pleased to report that much progress has been made. One important objective has been reached – we have built a ship: The “Pathfinder” was launched at Kingston Shipyards on May 6th, so we now have the basic hull. This will be brought to Toronto under her own power, and should arrive at the dock at the foot of Spadina Avenue about 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 2nd.

The ship will be completed, mostly by volunteer help from the Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, Sea Rangers, etc., and’ others who have offered their services. With this kind of assistance, and the additional financial assistance required, it is hoped that the “Pathfinder” will be ready to start her training duties by the Summer of 1964.

Support of this project has been very encouraging. Help in the form of money, goods and services has come from many sources. Already about $35,000. in cash has been raised, and because of  the donations of various goods and services, our estimated cost to complete is now $75,000. instead of the $120,000. ,originally figured. We are very grateful to all those who have been so generous.

This letter is being written as a progress report to those who have already so kindly donated, and as a reminder to those who hav’e not sent in their contributions. Receipts for Income Tax purposes will be forwarded.

For any, other information, please contact me, or any of the other directors at the above address.

Yours very truly,


J. G. LORRlMAN, President


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