1812 Sackets Harbor article by Jurgen Braunhohler

Just as Pathfinder and Playfair and their crew of trainees are setting sail from Kingston to join up with the 1812 Squadron on their way to the Naval Renactment at Niagara on the Lke on Jul 14 (with a stop in Toronto on Friday night before for the Captains Meeting),   Jurgen Bruanohler has sent another article about the 1812 Battle  at Sackets Harbor. Enjoy.

Jurgen Braunohler is a Toronto Brigantine Alumnus from 1975 to 1977 and remains a long time and great supporter and promoter of the Toronto Brigantine program. He publishes regularly in in the Flotilla Newsletter. [For other articles by Jurgen, see: www.sailohcc.ca   Flotilla archives are posted under “About Us” .]

To sign up a teenager for our Summer Program, do check out our website www.torontobrigantine.org


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