Teenagers get lesson in life on tall ships …. Toronto Star Article The Metro Page May 29, 1989

In a series of articles, People and Places, Maureen Murray wrote a feature on Toronto Brigantine’s program for the Toronto Star, The Metro Page, May 29, 1989.

In 1989, Toronto Brigantine is 27 years old. The story is never changing.  Toronto Brigantine is about bringing kids from all different backgrounds together on the boats, learning to work together as a team – overcoming seasickness and fear of heights – and appreciating the sense of accomplishment when the wind catches the sails and they get to where they are going.  A life transforming experience that TBI alumni remember years later.

Quotes in the article include:

  • David Mather, then TBI Board member and past president, remembers his days of sailing on STV Pathfinder.
  • Richard Birchall, then TBI Executive Director, was also former TBI participant.
  • There are several TBI crew in the pictures, including Julian Hankey.
  • With Skipper Ron Bessey, students from Lakefield College came for afternoon sail, in preparation for an eight day expedition in the Fall.
  • Maurice Smith, TBI’s first captain and captain fr 15 years, remembering the visit of founders Garfield Lorriman and his wife Mary’s vision for the program. And how Francis MacLachlan designed first Pathfinder and then later Playfair.

[Article by Maureen Murray, Photos by Erin Combs. The Newspaper clipping from the collection of TBI Alumnus, Rick Moore].

The 2012 Summer Program is our 50th year of sailing and we welcome another 200 teenagers to join us on the boats this summer. Overcoming their fears, plotting their life’s course, meeting life long friends to be!

The Details of each course in the 2012 Summer Program are provided at the Toronto Brigantine website. http://www.torontobrigantine.org/summer-program/schedule-and-fees/


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