Going through the Welland Canal – Its an Annual Event!

Pathfinder and Playfair go through the Welland Canal at least twice each year. We have to go through the Canal to get from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes beyondthat. And of course, again, to get back “home” to Toronto each Fall.

This year, the boats go through the Canal during Course 2 from Kingston to Windsor. It will be just after we finish the battle reenactments at Niagara on the Lake, so around Jul 17, 2012.  The boats will be staying up in Lake Huron and Georgian Bay through to early September for some group charter events that we have scheduled.  So we won’t be going home through the Canal until maybe second week of September.

Will use this map to describe the journey through the Canal. [Source: http://www.canadiancanalsociety.org/maps/map-welland.html]

We have been going up and down the Welland Canal for 50 years! Here are some pictures of the boats at various locations through the canal. You can use the map above to match locations.

Click here to see picture of the boats in the Lock.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/28894872@N05/2785607585/

[Photo: Playfair upbound in the Welland Canal  June 26, 1998. Sailing southbound in the channel above lock 2 and headed for lock 3 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada]

[Photo posted on Facebook , Posted Aug 2011, the Boats Going through Welland Canal, Lock 5 at night]

[Photo from www.shipspotting.com. 2006-09-05 PLAYFAIR & PATHFINDER are downbound Welland Canal toward lock 7, 2006]

[Photo from  www.bosunsmate.org  Going through Lock Seven, date not indicated]

Going through the Canal is a memorable experience for TBI Trainees and Crew.

One of the particularly vivid memories seems to be the slimy walls of the Welland Canal  – according to TBI Alumni  and Facebook Friends Bryan Dambrumenil and Caroline Lillico.  It is quite spectacular to be going through the canal with all the Lakers and other “big boats”.

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