We making a new mast

Toronto Brigantine’s Winter Crew have been hard at work.  One of the most significant projects this winter is the making of a new mast.

The making of the masts starts with planks of douglas fir.  These planks are glued together to make up the length of a wood that is long enough for the mast. On the Pathfinder, that would be 42 feet!

It takes up to 5 days for the glued wood to set. Once dry, the next phase of the process starts. That is shaping the wood into a round mast to the exact specifications needed.

Each year, all the masts and spars are taken off the boat and stored over the winter. They are sanded and re-varnished each winter, before being put back on the boats in the Spring.

The re-rigging of Playfair and Pathfinder , is scheduled for the 3rd week of April, … provided  all the work stays on schedule. [Check out the pictures from last years re-rigging on the Toronto Brigantine facebook page here]

The work is being done at the Brig House at Marine Quay West. Saturdays are the busiest workdays. And you can often see the crew coming out for lunch. Lunch is provided by volunteers and parents on most weekends. There often aren’t any leftovers!

So stop by for a visit to see the work being done … or sign up with the Captains to help out some.  There is lots of work to be done still.  All the woodwork is being sanded and getting ready for varnishing. The painting will start soon.  On Playfair, we are removing the foredeck and repairing  taffrails. On Pathfinder, in addition to replacing the mainmast the work continues on the deck work.

Toronto Brigantine Inc

413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

tel: 416-596-7117 e-mail : office@torontobrigantine.org website: www.torontobrigantine.org

Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001


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