Stories from Jurgen Braunohler, 1973-1975

Jurgen Braunohler was a Toronto Brigantine  alumnus from 1975 to 1977.

Jurgen describes how it was through a friend Ken Elliot that he first learned about Toronto Brigantine program.   It was Ken that taught Jurgen how to sail, has been a profound influence on his life and they are still friends today. Ken also is editor and Jurgen now writes for the newsletter Flotilla for Toronto’s Outer Harbour Centreboard Club.

Ken Elliott took some photos when he sailed on the boats, first on Pathfinder in 1965 and then later on the Atlantic passage down to OpSail76.  Click here to see some of the photos from these trips.

TBI Ken Elliotts Photos

In these three years with theTBI program, Jurgen started his training on Trident, as did most of the trainees at that time. From there he graduated to crew on Pathfinder, and finally he helped with the Playfair build.

Click here to see what Jurgen has been up to since he left Toronto Brigantine’s.  TBI Jurgen Braunohler Profile

At that time, training at Toronto Brigantine began with shore training at Waupoos Island. Click here Jurgen’s pictures and memories of Waupoos Island

Jurgen Braunohler wrote of his first sail on STV Trident, in his article “Cutter Trident” Published in Flotilla, the newsletter for OHCC, April 2008, Page 5.

This is the story that Jurgen wrote about his last summer with Toronto Brigantine in 1975, in Petty Officer training.  “Final Brig Saga”, published in Flotilla, April 2006.  [Provided by Jurgen Braunohler, 2011]

In 1975, Jurgen sailed on Playfair and participated in the Reenactment of Sackets Harbor that year.

So many of Jurgen’s  TBI Friends went to to OpSail76 in New York City. That summer while he stayed home to focus on school work and signed up as racing crew on a 24 foot Shark Class Sloop at National Yacht Club.

Jurgen has an interest in and writes about maritime history. He also illustrates most of his stories.

While the replica Nonsuch’s North American Journey in 1971 was just a few years before Jurgen joined up with Toronto Brigantine’s, he certainly heard the stories. Jurgen wrote an article about the memoriable event in “The Nonsuch Ketch” in Flotilla, News and Views from the Outer Harbour Centreboard Club, Oct 2008, page 3.

For other articles by Jurgen, see:   Flotilla archives are posted under “About Us” .

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