A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer By

I was talking with Bruce Kemp today.

He reminded me of the article that he wrote back in 1986 for Sailing Canada Magazine.  I got a copy of the article last summer from former TBI Alumnus, Mike Leigh.  Here it is.

TBI A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer By

Bruce Kemp was a guest sailer on STV Pathfinder with Captain Bruce MacDonald, his crew XO Eric Landman, IWO, Michael Rodoway, JWO Seann O’Donoughue, and PO Heather St Louis and a load of trainees including Anne and Tess.

STV Pathfinder, sailing from Victoria Harbour on Georgian Bay to Goderich on Lake Huron, stopping in Owen Sound to pick up guest, Bruce Kemp. And the article is the story of the kids sail training experience that summer. It seems to be similar to stories heard from the many trainees and officers throughout the 50 years of youth sail training programming by Toronto Brigantine.

Hope that others enjoy the article and are perhaps inspired to come about the Toronto Brigantine’s for a summer adventure this year.  Or share the story with a teenager that you know that is looking for a unique opportunity this summer.

Toronto Brigantine’s 2012 Summer Program is posted on their website at:



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