Toronto Brigantine is now recruiting for additional Board of Directors

Toronto Brigantine is now recruiting new board members.  All expertise is welcome, Governance, Financial, Marketing, Operations, Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Event Planning.  A Passion for youth is important. Enthusiasm for sailing and  tall ship sail training experience is an asset by certainly not a requirement but a warning that you will be once you join up!

Our next Annual General Meeting is scheduled for February 28, 2012.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at our offices on Spadina Ave.

Toronto Brigantine is a tall ship youth sail training program and we have been operating out of the Toronto Harbourfront since 1962. Click here to see a picture of us at Pier 6 in 1965 (that white boat in front of Haida is Pathfinder!).

We are looking for Board Members that can help advocate for our program, increase the exposure of tall ship sail training in Toronto and beyond, and help us to drive the Capital investments we need in the boats in the next few years as we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.

A more detailed job description for Board  is provided here.

TBI Board Member Role posting

For those that are interested, please contact Toronto Brigatine’s office.


2 responses

  1. Hello. My name is Justin Hughes. I am a alumni of Toronto Brigantine. I had lunch today with Peter Wills and Jeremy White, and Jeremy recomended that I should look into applying as a board member. I sailed with TBI during the seasons of 92, 93, and 94. I attended Georgian Colleges Navigation prgram from 95-99 (took a year off to travel India). I worked in domestic shipping (passenger, bulk (lakers)), and chemical tankers until joining the Canada Coast Guard. I spent 10 years with the CCG, starting off as a wheelsman, being promoted to the enforcement branch (MSET) in 2005 and shortly afterwards to the Rescue Specialist Program. I went through the officers training program in 2008. I sailed as a Mate/Rescue Specialist until Sping 2010, when I was given command of a Coast Guard Science Ship, the CCGS Kelso. I have since departed the Coast Guard, after Mariposa Cruises offered me a position as Marine Compliance Officer. I beleive my expertise can benefit TBI in a few of different ways.
    1) I am very familiar with regulatory compliance.
    2) I am very familiar with ship safety haveing participated in over 100 search and rescue missions.
    3) I am a classicaly trained naigator with licence (love RADARS but GPS gives me the willies)
    4) I have a solid network of marine professionals.
    5) I am a fair sailor, I only reached the rank of PO inTBI but own my own 30 ft sailboat, which is sailed more than regulaly.
    6) Although I am no longer employed by the Coast Guard, I am still, a member of the elite Rescue Specialist Program (less than 50 of us exist between the 5 great lakes and the Arcitic Ocean).
    7) I am an active skipper with Mariposa Cruise Lines. Including such vessels as the 195 ton Mariposa Belle and the 200 ton Oriole.
    If you feel my expertise could be of benefit to your organisation I would be happy to participate. TBI paved the way for my career as a marine professional, as well as providing me with a life time of appreciation for the water. Many of my closest freinds I met aboard your small but very fine vessels.
    Kind regards,
    Justin Hughes

    1. Justin Hughes was voted in as one of our newest Board Members at our Annual General Meeting in February. We will certainly benefit from his extensive experiences and his history with the program!
      We accept applications for Board Members throughout the year … if you or someone you know is interested, please do let us know. You can send your CV and a paragraph about why you are interested to … and that starts the process.

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