Now Accepting Applications for Toronto Brigantine’s Treasure role on Board of Directors

Toronto Brigantine’s next Annual General Meeting is coming up on February 28, 2012.

Several Board Position terms are coming to an end, including our Trearsurer role.  This is a volunteer position.

This year, our current Treasurer has done a fantastic job in ensuring we have the proper financial controls in place.  Managing cash flow on a monthly basis, reporting to the board each month.  She worked with our Program Coordinator to set up an automated tax receipt process in Quickbooks. And she also worked with the Executive Committee on our reefinancing.  We will miss Kate’s contributions and are looking for someone that shares her passion for Toronto Brigantine’s youth sail training program and ensures that we keep on the straight and narrow against our revenue projections and managing our expenses to budget.

More details of the Treasurer position are provided here.

TBI Treasure Role Posting

If interested in the role, please contact the Toronto Brigantine office at your earliest.



413-215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada   M5T 2C7                                                         Tel/Fax:  (416) 596-7117                               Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924


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