HELP Toronto Brigantine win $150,000 in the AVIVA Community Fund IDEA Contest. Give us your 15 votes between Oct 24 and Nov 9

HELP Toronto Brigantine win $150,000 in
the AVIVA Community Fund IDEA Contest.

Give us your 15 votes between Oct 24 and  Nov 9th.

Give us all your VOTES!

To all TBI Alumni, Friends and Supporters.

Please help Toronto Brigantine win $150,000 to upgrade Pathfinder this winter. Pathfinder is getting ready for her 4 year inspection and while we are in dry dock we want to do a bunch of work on her. She is approaching 50 years old if you can believe it.

Pathfinder, Northern Georgian Bay. Photo by David Bannister (used by permission of David Bannister).

Toronto Brigantine has a really good chance of winning the AVIVA Community Fund IDEA program – in Round 1 we got over 700 votes in just 5 days. For Round 2 we anticipate that we will need to get 400 votes a day for the voting period Oct 24 to Nov 9.

The teenagers that go through Toronto Brigantine’s tall ship based youth sail training program benefit from great life skills – and the impact of their experiences are remembered by alumni 50 years later! There have been 20,000 kids going through the program over the last 50 years.

Please help Toronto Brigantine by voting for our idea today and tomorrow! and give us all your 15 VOTES. Voting for Round 2 starts Oct 24 and ends Nov 9.

If we are in the top 10 ideas in our Category in Round 2, we get the chance to be bumped up to the semi finals. Otherwise, we will keep getting votes in Round 3!

Help us Spread the Word.

Please help us spread the word about our entry in the AVIVA Community Fund IDEA in four ways:

(1) If you are a “tweeter on Twitter” you can add our hash tag [#acf12378] to your tweets and ask your followers to vote for our idea

(2) share with your networks on Facebook and Linkedin and any other social media groups that you belong to.

(3) Vote often yourself.  15 times each Round. Round 2 is from Oct 24 to Nov 9. Round 3 is

(4) Help us find some AVIVA Brokers to support our idea! We welcome the brokers to come down and check out the boats now docked at the Bottom of Spadina and Queens Quay.

With the votes from yourself and your friends, Toronto Brigantine can win this competition and generate significant funds towards refitting the Pathfinder as she approaches her 50th Birthday.

The timelines for the Contest.

Oct 3 to Oct 19: Round 1 Voting

We finished in 91st place with 788 votes in only 5 days because we started late! And that tells us, with more time, we have a lot of great support to get enough votes in Round 2 to get our idea bumped up to the semi-finals in Round 2 – and we are targeting that we  will need about 5,000 votes or more – or 400 votes per day – depending on our competition in Round 2.

Oct 24 (Monday) to Nov 9 (Wednesday) Round 2 voting will begins

Everyone in Round 2 is given 15 votes to be used towards the voting, they can vote once per day per idea, so we hope that our supporters will use all their 15 votes on our IDEA.

At the end of Round 2 the top 10 from our funding category will again be skimmed off, and the remaining ideas will move onto Round 3

If we haven’t moved to the semi-finals after Round 2, we will still need approximately 400 votes per day to reach the top 10 by the end on
Round 3

Nov 14 (Monday) to Nov 30 (Wed) Round 3 voting will begins
Dec 1 (Thurs) to Dec 4 (Sunday): No voting.
At the end of Round 3 the top 10 from our funding category will advance and join the other 20 semi-finalists;
Between December 1 and December 4 the 30 semi-finalists in our funding category are required to “re-vamp” their submission (mandatory)

Dec 5  (Monday) to Dec 16  (Friday): Semi-Final voting begins
to determine the 10 finalists from our funding category (this entire process has been occurring simultaneously for each of the other funding categories)

Dec 20 to Jan 24: judging will take place to rank the 10 finalists;

Jan 25: the winners will be announced and hopefully we will be celebrating our success!

 We look forward to Fair Winds for 50 more years!

Vote today and give us all your Votes!

Toronto Brigantine Inc
413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7
tel: 416-596-7117 e-mail : website:
Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924

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