Toronto Brigantine Looking for New Captain this Fall

Thanks to the great leadersship of Captain Julien Schroer at the helm of Pathfinder and Captain Sam Neale at the helm of Playfair  and their crew,  we can celebrate another great summer season with over 130 trainees learning the ropes on the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay this summer.  We look forward to another great year next year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary of delivering tall ship based youth sail training on the Great Lakes.

We are sorry to say that Captain Julien Schroer will be leaving Toronto Brigantine’s to pursue other career opportunities.  Julian has been sailing with Toronto Brigantine for years. He started with the program as a summer trainee and was a Deep Sea Award Winner in 2003. He was officer on Pathfinder for several years with Captain Tim Pyron. He returned to Toronto Brigantine to take on the role of Captain of Playfair in 2009.

So, Toronto Brigantine is searching for a new Captain this Fall.

We are looking for a tall ship sail training enthusiast that enjoys working with youth. The details of the position are provided in the job description posted here.

TBI Captains Job Description Sep 2011

If you are interested in the position please send a cover letter and resume to,  or by mail (mailing address can be attained off the website –, by October 1st, 2011.  Please forward this email to any qualified persons who may be interested.  Note that you must be able to attain a Transport Canada 150-tonne Masters’ License and Transport Canada Small Vessel Machinery Operator Certificate (SVMO) by the 2012 sailing season (April).  For more information on the posting, please contact Laurie at

We look forward to finding the next great Toronto Brigantine Captain that will join our team and help us to celebrate our 50th year of youth sail training on the Great Lakes.

Toronto Brigantine



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