Canadian Geographic March April 1992 Set Sail! Brigantine Adventure on Georgian Bay

Toronto Brigantine’s youth sail training program was featured in an article in Canadian Geographic March/April 1992. The article, written by Andy Stonehouse with photos by James Orlak, features a typical summer sail training adventure on Pathfinder sailing Georgian Bay from Sault Ste Marie to Midland Ontario.

Canadian Geographic April May 1992 Set Sail Brigantine Adventur0001

It was this article that inspired many future TBI trainees and crew to join the program including future Toronto Brigantine Captain Rhys Weed and his brother and sister, Matt and Kazia, too.

The article features a week program in the summer in 1992, Pathfinder sailed with Captain Gordon Sloane and crew of 10 officers and 17 teenage sailors.  Some of the officers and trainees mentioned in the article include: Chris Monro, Bart Greer and Leslie McLean,  Naomi Brunemeyer, Paul Arhanic, Claudia Ratti, Steve Dennis, Lillian Raffi and Dave Benton.

The article describes a typical Georgian Bay sailing adventure with Toronto Brigantine. This particular course sailing from Sault Ste Marie to Midland.  They leave Sault Ste Marie through St Marys River to the entrance to the North Channel. They set anchor one night at Eagle Island south of Spanish Ontario. One stop is at Little Current on Manitoulin Island. Then on to Baie Fine into Killarney Provincial Park, anchoring in “The Pool” to hike to Topaz Lake. Then out to the open waters of Georgian Bay towards Christian Island.  Swimming at Thunder Beach, west of Midland. The course ends with a short storm ending in a damaged topmast but everyone safe.

Along the way the trainees learn to sail a tall ship at the mercy of nature and teamwork. By the end of their first week of sailing, the trainees are elible for the Toronto Brigantine’s grade-one sailing certificate.

Toronto Brigantine has been offering youth sail training for almost 50 years now … and we look forward to welcome new sailors for the next 50 years.

For more information about the program, check us out at


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