Christian Radich and movie Windjammer was the inspiration for TBI

It was the sail training vessel Christian Radich featured in the movie Windjammer that inspired the Lorriman’s to create a tall ship sail training program for Toronto … and the founding of Toronto Brigantine Inc.

Here is the trailer for the movie Windjammer.

From Paul Clarke’s “Toronto Brigantine Incorporated, May 1962 to May 1980” written in 1980,

The specific event that caused Toronto Brigantine to come into being occured during the Christmas Holidays of 1960. It was during that time, that a Toronto businessman, Mr J. G. Lorriman, and his family went to see a film then playing in the Toronto area theatres which vividly depicted the life aboard the great Norwegian training ship, the square-rigged CHRISTIAN RADICH” It was that film which sparked the idea, and according to Mr Lorriman, at that time he though “it was too bad there wasn’t a similar type of training available in Canada”.

It was the inspiration from this movie that started the almost two year process that lead to the Laying of the Pathfinder Keel on November 10, 1962.

Christian Radich came to Toronto in the summer of 1964 and the crews of Pathfinder and Christian Radich were able to exchange experiences.  That was TBI’s first official Summer Program.

Later in 1970, when John Clinton, Toronto Brigantine’s first Deep Sea Award winner went to the UK on his tall ship crew exchange, he also had the opportunity to sail on the CHRISTIAN RADICH.

The crew of Pathfinder and Playfair were able to meet up with the Christian Radich again when they were all in New York for OpSail ’76.

For more information about Toronto Brigantine’s youth sail training program, check out our website.


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