TBI Articles in Whig-Standard

BRIGANTINE GROUP MARKS ANNIVERSARY OF PATHFINDER; IjeomaRoss. The Whig -Standard. Kingston, Ont.: Jun 1, 1989. pg. 1

TBI SAIL TRAINING LESS POPULAR AMONG YOUTH Whig Standard Jul 1989 – Open berths for Brigantines with waiting lists for sloops

Caption Only; [Final Edition 2]

travel. Kingston Whig – Standard. Kingston, Ont.: Jul 2, 1994. pg. 36

(Copyright The Kingston Whig-Standard 1994)

A nautical welcome: The Caribbean-based topsail schooner Unicorn of St.
Helier, above, is greeted by the Toronto brigantine Playfair as it enters
Toronto harbor. The largest group of tall ships to grace Toronto harbor since
the War of 1812 is on hand this week as part of the waterfront park’s 20th
anniversary celebration until July 4. In the photo on the right, it’s training
time for members of the new crew aboard the Polish tall ship Pogoria, which is
also taking part in the festivities.

Ex-sailors keep training program afloat: Coming to the aid of sinking ships; [Final Edition] Greg McArthur. Kingston Whig – Standard. Kingston, Ont.: May 23, 2003 pg. 1.Front
Interview with Ron Tasker and Kyle Hoobin.

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