Jurgen Braunohler remembers sailing on Playfair 1975

[Story and pictures submitted by Jurgen Braunohler, Jul 3, 2011.  Jurgen is TBI alumnus from 1973 to 1975. He has been involved in sail training ever since and now is an author and public speaker about his sailing experiences. He now lives in Elliot Lake Ontario. ]

[Jurgen remembers well working under James McConnell during the build of Playfair.]

My first sail aboard Playfair was on a weekend petty officers’ training cruise in May, 1975, shown here.

Once again, one can see how different everything looked back then. Even Playfair’s deckhouse.

I was vigorously pursuing promotion to petty officer, but eventually gave this up due to health reasons.

The weekend cruise, under skipper Greige Cooke, took us eastwards as far as Newcastle and then to Oshawa, where we stayed the night before heading back to Toronto.

In slide 78, P.O. Bruce Hunter can be seen practicing with the leadline.

The last time I met Bruce, at the  Sea Hawks’ boatyard in the Portlands, he was Second Mate on a Caribbean cruise ship. Along with him was ex-Pathfinder cook and watch officer Rick Sullivan, who had become cruise ship Hospitality Master, if I remember that right. This was in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I have  since heard that Hunter became Captain.

Here is Neil Collins, Watch Officer (80).

My shipmates, left to right are Mark Boysen, Owen Lund,Ted Overton and Rusty Birch (81).

We were in the process of trying to enter Port Darlington, but ran aground in the harbour entrance (as we did at Newcastle, 20 feet from the pier), so we continued westwards to Oshawa (82), where the channel was just deep enough to kindly let us in.

[We welcome stories and pictures from other TBI alumni. You can sign up for Signals, our newsletter at our website www.torontobrigantine.org and perhaps we will see you at the next Pirates Ball in February 2011]


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