TBI Mentions in Toronto Star

Toronto Star Sep 13, 1977  Page A01

TBI Toronto Star Sep 13 1977 page E01 Girls Sail

Man Overboard! No, no this is an all-girl cruise. Star Photos by Keith Beaty

A crew of 22 teenage Metro area girls who  sailed the 60 foot brigantine Playfair to the Thousand Islands this summer on a  two-week cruise found “sailing is hard work, but an adventure”.

Graham Taylor, manager of the TBI program. The second year of all girl sailing courses. The crew of 22 teenagers in one of four all girl sail training cruises on the two ships this summer. included: Sheila and Margy MacMillan, age 15, twins. Parents Mr and Mrs CS MacMillan. Pamela Leach at the helm. Tricia Martin, 15, and Barb Booth, 16 heaving the line.


Toronto Star Aug 29, 1977  Page C01

TBI Toronto Star Aug 29 1977 page C01

Sailors raised funds towards the Playfair  build, on a 24 sail around Toronto Island. Tony Massie, Gar Clapman, Vic Smith sailed 8

Toronto Star May 28, 1977  Page  A06

TBI Toronto Star May 28 1977 page A06

Fair Winds for Metro, Metro Section, Star photo by Dick Loek.

Journalists participate in the Brigantine  Challenge race yesterday. Metro Council members on Pathfinder out-sailed Municipal Press Gallery in Toronto Harbor.


 Toronto Star May 20, 1976 page B01

TBI Toronto Star Mar 23 1976 page A02

A ceremonial sendoff for the Brigantines scheduled for tomorrow. On their way to New York.


Toronto Star May 6 1976 Page B06

Johannes JC John Bellersen, died at Lusaka  Zambia on May 3, 1976. Husband of Margaret Gillham, also survived by his  father, brother and two sisters, in Holland. Donations to Toronto Brigantine  appreciated.


Toronto Star Tuesday, March 23, 1976 page A02

TBI Toronto Star Mar 23 1976 page A02

Spring Time Ahoy! Star Photo by Keith Beaty

Alison Booz, 17 and Susan Stopps, 16, working on the Playfair,  Pathfinder awaiting clean up crew.


Toronto Star Wednesday, July 31, 1974 Page AO4

TBI Toronto Star Jul 31 1974 page A 04

Playfair is commissioned today on York Quay Harborfront.

Toronto Star Aug 28 1972 Page 25

TBI Toronto Star Aug 28 1972 page 25

A Norway exchange. Guests from Oslo included  Jan Tellefsen, Tor Stensbak, John Betterund, Geir Nordmo, Arnstein Larsen-Hohl,
Richard Eriksen.  The boys were guests of  the Big Brothers organization and an exchange program with Metro kids going to  Norway the previous year.


Toronto Star  Aug 7, 1973, page D01

TBI Toronto Star Aug 7 1973 page D01

Stan Bydal, 18, at the helm. Petty Officer Rick Sullivan, 15, of  Mississauga. Captain Mike Leigh, 23, of Scarborough,  sailing with TBI since he was 14. Sailing the Great Lakes in the summer and the  brig’s base on Waupoos Island, near Picton.

Toronto Star Daily May 19, 1971, page 35

TBI Toronto Star May 20, 1970 B01

Business men planned to build a dockyard next  to Ontario Place at the CNE to be taught sailing for next to nothing. Jack Jones [now deceased], chief engineer from Toronto Harbor  Commission, helped to get blessings of provincial government, with Bill Cox,  Manager of Canadian Olympic Sailing Team, Gordon Norton, Paul Henderson, Fred  Stinson [now deceased] and Gordon  Cheney.  Cooperative effort with high schools and  community colleges.  George Brown’s welding shop.

[Jack Jones, Gordon Norton, Paul Henderson, Fred Stinson  were TBI board members and donors over the years.]


Learning the ropes article. Toronto Star Daily Aug 15 1970 page 17

TBI Toronto Star Daily Aug 15 1970 page 14

President Graham Taylor. Berthed at Toronto’s Pier 6. And talks about the build of the Playfair (not  yet named).  It says that the new boat will be built at Ontario Place. And mentions Trident. Captain Maurice Smith. Stephen Chant, 15, of Ottawa, is riding the  bowsprit. David Gordon, 15, of Milton. Geoff Wilson, 15, of Napanee. Photos by Graham Bezant.

Toronto Star Daily Jun 8, 197 Page 4

TBI Toronto Star Daily Jun 8 1970

Doug Madeley, age 13, climbing aloft on  Pathfinder, at a TBI open house Jun 8, 1970 (see Toronto Star Daily, article, Jun  8,  1970, page 4 News.)


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