TBI introduced two week all girls sail training program in 1976

Toronto Brigantine has had day sail training programs for girls since 1965.  It wasn’t until 1976, the program for girls was expanded to include two week sail training program for girls. Heather Sampson was TBI’s Executive Director at that time.

Toronto Star Sep 13, 1977 Page A01 [ TBI Toronto Star Sep 13 1977 page E01 Girls Sail ]  A crew of 22 teenage Metro area girls who sailed the 60 foot brigantine Playfair to the Thousand Islands this summer on a two-week cruise found “sailing is hard work, but an adventure”.  Graham Taylor, manager of the TBI program. The second year of all girl sailing courses. The crew of 22 teenagers in one of four all girl sail training cruises on the two ships this summer included: Sheila and Margy MacMillan, age 15, twins of parents Mr and Mrs CS MacMillan. Pamela Leach at the helm. Tricia Martin, 15, and Barb Booth, 16 heaving the line.

In 2011, the TBI Summer Program is pretty much split equally by gender and is co-ed.  Toronto Brigantine is a program for everyone.

There are berths still available for this summers program. Bursaries are available. Call the office or check out the website to sign up today.



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