Toronto Brigantine Alumni Seamanship Award

 The Toronto Brigantine Alumni Seamanship Award was introduced in 1980  The Seamanship Award continues to this day thanks to the sponsorship of TBI Alumnus, Captain Seann O’Donoughue.   This award is given to the Winter Program Trainee who demonstrates commitment and enthusiasm to the program and has potential to succeed as an officer. An engraved seaman’s knife is given to each recipient.

It was on May 10, 1980 when the first Alumni Seamanship Award’s was presented by Doug Hunter to the first recpient (then Seaman) Mike Blair. The announcement is described in the TBI Alumni newsletter here.

[TBI Association Alumni Newsletter, 1980, provided by Paul Clarke Jul 19, 2012]

There were a few years when the Award was not given, but thanks to the appreciation of the Awards tradition, Captain Seann ODonaghue , TBI alumnus, was committed to ensuring the Award was continued. Captain ODonoughue now personally sponsors the Award on behalf of the Toronto Brigantine Alumni Association.

Captain Sean ODonoughue now donates the seaman’s knife.  Tim Henrich, Jeweller and owner of Henrich’s Jewellers in Owen Sound, has donated the engraving services for the seaman’s knife on an annual basis since 1995 and will continue to do so.

Jun 2010: Mattheus Fackelmann and Captain Julian Schroer STV Pathfinder

The Past Winners and their sailing history with Toronto Brigantines are provided here. As you can see from their sailing history with Toronto Brigantines,  many of the Seamanship Awards winners have gone on to be promoted within the program and went on to become Deep Sea Award Winners as well.

Year Recipient Sailing   Experience with TBI Where they keep   their Seamanship Award Knife now
2012 Lauren Richardson
2011 Noah Krantz
2010 Mattheus Fackelmann 2010 PO


2008 Taeo Tsagkaris 2010 XO Pathfinder, WO Pathfinder 2009, 2008 Bonsun Pathfinder, Deep Sea Award Winner 2010


2007 Amanda Pileggi JO Playfair 2008 PO 2007,


2006 Riley King XO Playfair 2010, WO 2009-2008, Cook 2007, Deep Sea Award Winner 2010


2004 Allison Creba PO 2004 and sailed 2001-2002.


2003 Melina Giannella Deep Sea Award Winner 2005, 2005-2004 WO Pathfinder, PO 2003 (see ABYC newsletter page 3


1991 Steve Dennis XP 1999 Playfair, 1993, XO Playfair, WO Playfair 1992, Deep Sea Award   Winner 1992. Did his exchange on TS Royalist.


1990 Lesley McLean 2002 2001 Captain Playfair, 1996 XO Pathfinder, 1991 WO Canpus,


1989 Ramsay Hart WO Pathfinder 1990


1988 Stefan Thorarinson 1991 XO Playfair, 1990 Deep Sea Award Winner 1990, 1989 WO and Cook on   Pathfinder and CPO on Playfair, Seaman 1987


1985 Torfi Thorarinson 1988 Captain Douglas Hay, 1987 XO Playfair, 1986 WO Playfair, and Deep   Sea Award Winner 1986, 1985 WO and Bunson Playfair


1983 Peter Pownall 1984 WO Bonsun Pathfinder, Sailed 1981 to 1983


1982 Dan Pettit WO Playfair 1983, Seaman 1982, Deep Sea Award Winner 1984.


1980 Mike Blair WO Pathfinder 1980, 1982 was XO Pathfinder and Deep Sea Award Winner   1982, also sailed 1983,


Stay tuned for next years Seamanship Award Winner!

For more information about Toronto Brigantine’s tall ship based sail training program and how you might be able to support Toronto Brigatine’s programs, please contact the office today.

Toronto Brigantine Inc

413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

tel: 416-596-7117

e-mail :


Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001

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