TBI Newsletter Nov 1970

Another treasure from Mike Leigh’s TBI Archives. Here is the TBI newsletter from Oct 1970.  “Our 8th year, 30,000 miles and over 1,500 one week trainees later.”


  • Pathfinder’s skipper, Mike Leigh, and crew come to the rescue of fellow sailors that got stranded in a violent storm. They made headline news.
  • A team of Olympathon Enthusiasts Raise $25,000.  Team included Brian Hodge, Louise Woodhouse, Rick Moroan, Greig Cooke, Doug Madeley, John Hamer, Ian McBearty, Jim Hamer and the dog, Pooh-Bear.
  • The winter program at the Brigantine House. Playfair build has started.
  • Christmas Cards and Wedgwood Plates still offered for sale.
  • Pathfinder Old Boys continue to lend their support.
  • John Clinton, returns from his exchange sailing on a British STV as well as the Norwegian Windjammer Christian Radich.
  • The Marine Museum is operating at the CNE.

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tel: 416-596-7117

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