TBI Newsletter 1968

Updated Jan 18, 2012.

Mike Leigh has so many treasures about Toronto Brigantine’s. Here is the TBI Newsletter from 1968, “Our 5th year, 23,000 miles and over 1000 one week trainees later”.

Some highlights:

  • It gives updates on the officers from 1963, 5 years later. The officers mentioned include: Frank Smith, Keith Leewis, Art Cooke, Tom Kilner, Greg Leigh, Dan Blackwell, Sandy Mowat, Claus Heinecke, Jeff Proctor, Bob McAdam, Fred McConnell, Bill Michell, Paul Dzuiban, Brian Wyera, Dean Fulford and Dave Mather … we need to do an update on where they all are now … 50 years later!
  • The “Pathfinder Council” for alumni to continues to participate in supporting the program.
  • The note from the Skipper provides a great description of the sail training experience – the demands and the joys – of this unique experience. And there is also the ever-present appeal for financial and gift in kind support to help us keep the vessels.
  • There is mention of a photo collection from Ted Ridge’s collection.
  • Brigantine House is at 40 Stadium Road, courtesy of Toronto Harbour Commission. This is where the winter program is run.  1969 will be the 5th year that the Boat Course operates out of St-Catherines.
  • Dave Chesterton and his graphic designer and advertising students from Sheraton College went on a group sail and planning it as an annual event.
  • A Wedgwood Plate with a line drawing of Pathfinder by O K Schenk was promoted for sale ($2.00 plus 50¢for handling).
  • Hasty Notepaper with a water-colour painting was promoted for 95¢ for a box of 12 with 5¢ sales tax).
  • Claus Heinecke created the 1968 Christmas Card  with a watercolor by O K Schenk. [Claus Heinecke would later do a watercolor of his own, Three Small Brigantines. ]
  • The Second Annual Sail Training rendezvous where Pathfinder and St Lawrence II compete on eight events emphasizing ship handling and crew participation including tacking, “heaves Too”, man overboard competitions. Pathfinder wins!

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For nearly 50 years, Toronto Brigantine Inc (TBI) has been providing character building sail training programs aboard our traditionally rigged vessels. With our 50th anniversary approaching in 2013, we have developed a 3-year, $500,000 maintenance plan to restore our aging vessels. The first phase of this plan, was a Spring Fundraising Campaign where we raised $75,000 in cash and inkind donations.  It was amazing. Next Phases of the fundraising plan coming soon.

Toronto Brigantine Inc

413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

tel: 416-596-7117

e-mail : office@torontobrigantine.org

website: www.torontobrigantine.org

Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001


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