Pathfinder fundraising brochure, 1963

Toronto Brigantine is approaching its 50th anniversary of deliverying youth sail training.  Our first brigantine, STV Pathfinder, was built in the early years of 1960 and ready for her first youth sail training program in 1963. 

This is a copy of the fundraising brochure for the STV Pathfinder.  Toronto Brigantine alumni, Keith Leewis, provided us with a copy of the brochure from his scrapbook!

This brochure provides excellent history of how Toronto Brigantine came to be founded as a registered Canadian charity to deliver life and leadership skills for teenagers through peer to peer tall ship based youth sail training.

The brochure also provides great background on the benefits of youth sail training and these benefits still holds true still today.

 The original fundraising for the build of the Pathfinder was $120,000 – back in the early 1960s.

Today in 2010, we have a goal to raise $312,000 for capital investments on the Pathfinder. There is a lot of wear and tear on the vessel almost 50 years later.  It needs a new deck, new hull plating, new plumbing, new electical system and navigation equipment and a new engine. 

We have an additional fundraising goal of $200, ooo for capital investments on the Pathfinders sister ship, the Playfair.

For more information about our fundraising goals and how you might be able to support our efforts, please contact the Toronto Brigantine office.

We hope that we can count on you for your support!


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