Harborfront Centre Sailing Club sails Pathfinder, Summer 2010

Wow, from Wind and Sail, here is an article about members of the Harborfront Centre Sailing Club that had the opportunity to go sailing on the Pathfinder, one of Toronto Brigantine’s two tall ships.

The Wind and Sail article provides Some great pictures and videos of their adventure.

As a youth sail training vessel, all that sail on the Pathfinder or Playfair, get to experience the challenge of sailing a tall ship.   First and foremost, you start your experience on the boat going through safey training.   

Here is the video of the Raising of the Sails on the Pathfinder Brigantine.  

As the Wind and Sail article describes, you learn about the riggings, what all the ropes and lines do, and you can choose to climb aloft – if you have the stomach for the heights and as long as you wear your safety harness. All in one afternoon tall ship adventure. 

Check out this video Sailing on the Pathfinder Brigantine.

Over 20,000 people have experiences tall ship sailing with Toronto Brigantine  since we were founded in 1962. The program targets boys and girls age 13 to 18.  During our “shoulder” season – before and after school is back in session, we do offer adult sail training events.  The funds raised from these adult programs help to support the youth programs that we offer during the summer.

If you are interested in arranging for a tall ship sailing event for your sailing club, please contact us.

Happy sailing and hope you are having a great summer.

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