Hamilton Power and Sail Squadron helped promote Toronto Brigantine back in 1972!

It was interesting to read about The Hamilton Power & Sail Squadron’s 60th Anniversary 1949-2009.

Toronto Brigantine is pleased to have participated in a small part in the 60 years of safe sail training programming at Hamilton Power and Sail Squadron.

On Page 23 of their Anniversary Brochure,  TBI is  mentioned.

February 1972: Big ad by Hill TV Marine division on Nautaline houseboats.
In “Odds and Sods”  an article about Toronto Brigantine Inc. outlining the training schedule for boys aged 14 to 18 on the Pathfinder andTrident II.

Perhaps there are sailors from Power and Sail Squadron’s across Canada that will be interested in sailing the Great Lakes this summer or next.  The Summer season focuses on youth sail training schedule sailing around the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay. During the Shoulder Season, when there are no youth programming scheduled, we do offer adult sail training and teambuilding events.  The funds raised from the adult sail training events help to subsidize and support our summer sail training program.

Contact the Toronto Brigantine office for more information, please contact us.

Happy sailing and say hello to the Brigantines if you see them this summer.

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