Its another Pathfinder ….

J Garfield Lorriman’s wife Mary, was the daughter of Stuart Playfair.  Stuart Playfair’s 165-foot 1890s steam yacht  Pathfinder was once part of RCYC fleet.  Pathfinder was handed over for naval service in 1939. Shortly after the way, she was given honorary burial in Midland Bay off Georgian Bay.  STV Pathfinder named after her.

It was Rhys Weed, one of  Toronto Brigantine Captains,  that found this picture of the  Playfair’s yacht the Pathfinder. It was in a document called Gateway to Manitoulin, The Port of Little Current, by A.M. McGillivray.

It was the Lorriman’s that came up with the idea to create our organization Toronto Brigantine,  and TBI has been so fortunate to have the Playfair family support in the history of building our brigantines and enabling us to provide tall ship based youth sail training to over 20,000  people over our almost 50 years of history.

For more information about Toronto Brigantine and our youth sail training program, please contact the Toronto Brigantine office.


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