Memories in the making on a Tall Ship

The Toronto Brigantine Officers and Crew have worked hard all winter and spring to get the boats ready for the Summer Program.  Over 150 new trainees have signed up for one of the eight courses aboard the Pathfinder and Playfair this summer.

As trainees in our summer program, they will create lifelong memories and make new friends while learning to sail and developing important life skills around leadership, teamwork.  The trainees from Course #3 that sail are just returning home to Toronto this week, and the next group of trainees are starting out from Parry Sound.

For all the 20,000 Toronto Brigantine alumni out there, we would love to hear from yu about your experiences on the tall ships – perhaps your story will help inspire another teenager to sign up for a course this summer. We still have several spots available for this summer on course 6, 7 and 8.

  • Course #6: Tobermory to Chicago, rejoining the Tall Ship Challenge Fleet, Aug 16 to Aug 25 –  Joining Tall Ships Chicago 2010 at  Navy Pier.
  • Course #7: Chicago to Goderich, Aug 29 to Sep 5
  • Course #8: Goderich to Toronto, with a stop in Erie PA for their Tall Ship Erie 2010 Fest (Sept 9 through 11), then back up to Port Colborne to pick up some school kids who will be sailing Sep 14 -16), and then the vessels are due back to Toronto by Sep 17 or 18th.  It’s an alumni sail.

We look forward to hearing memories from past alumni and enabling others to create new memories.

To sign up for any of the Summer Sail Program – contact the office

Sign up today before all the spots are gone.  Happy sailing and hope you are having a great summer.


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