Finishing up the Seamen’s Mess on Playfair

By the end of May, we completed steel hull work on the Playfair in dry dock at Toronto Dry Dock. A short description of the work that was planned is provided here.

The dry dock work was done thanks to the dedicated efforts of many. Paul Dennis, the TBI board issued this thank you announcement to recognize all the many volunteers and contributors to the project.
Volunteers came from far and wide and it was hard work by a great many people.
Ghislain Cote and Ariane Tessier-Mareau came from Montreal. Ariane wrote this blog of her experiences with the Playfair Drydock and posted some of her pictures here on Flickr.

 After working on the Playfair during dry dock, I guess Ariane went on to sail on the Roald Amundsen.

Click here for some pictures of the Parade of Sail at the end of the Toronto Waterfront Festival includng both the Playfair and the Roald Amundsen.

Click here for the Toronto Star article describing the Ariane and other volunteers experience of sailing on the Roald Amundsen.




The Playfair was ready to particpate in the Toronto Waterfront Festival and she showed off well with the new paint and spruced up on the outside. Here is a picture of Playfair under sail during the Toronto Waterfront Festival July 4th (taken by Jim Orgill).


Even during the Toronto Waterfront Festival, work continued below deck of the Playfair and at the Toronto Brigantine workshop to finish up the work on the Seaman’s Mess. Volunteers continue to work hard even now – luckily the heat wave has ended.

We hope that the work on the Playfair will be finished in time for her to join the Pathfinder and the other Tall Ships that are participating in the Tall Ships Festival in Bay City (July 15 to 18) and in time for the trainees scheduled for course #3 from Bay city to Perry Sound.

If you are interested in volunteering to work on the boats or want to contribute financially or in kind to the hull work and the Seaman’s Mess reconstruction which is budgeted at approximately $27,000, please contact TBI at your earliest convenience.






Thanks for your support of Toronto Brigantine and we look forward to seeing you on the Great Lakes this summer.





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