Sail Away this Summer – article in May Jun 2010 edition of BUMPH

In the May/Jun 2010 edition of BUMPH, there is a great article entitled “Sail Away this Summer”. The article describes the Toronto Brigantine Summer program and helps to promote it to their membership. In the article both Captain Rhys Weed and Captain Julian Schroer speak about the impact of their experiences with Toronto Brigantine.

BUMPH is the newsletter for the Naval Officers Association of Canada Toronto (NOACTO) Branch Newsletter.

The full article  in BUMPH is provided here on page 7 and 8 – it is a great read to get a sense of the impact of a tall ship adventure with Toronto Brigantine.

NOAC has been a supporter of Toronto Brigantines for a long time.  Since 1970, NOAC has been provided a scholarship to help recipients of the Deep Sea Award towards the cost of their tall ship exchange.  See details of the Deep Sea Award here.  

The winner of the 2010 Deep Seas Awards were Riley King, XO, TS Playfair and Taeo Tsagkaris, XO, STV Pathfinder. 

In 2010, the NAOC announced a new Scholarship program, and the first award winner was Celine Moore, WO, Senior, TS Playfair.

The 2010 Deep Sea Awards and the Inagural Scholarship Award were presented by NOAC representative Richard Birchall on Jun 19, 2010 at our annual Awards dinner. See some pictures here.

There are still berths available for a sailing adventure with Toronto Brigantine this summer. Call today to book your spot – maybe you will be one of our future Captains!

Happy Sailing and say hello to Captain Rhys Weed and Captain Julian Schroer if you see them on the lakes this summer.


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