Captain Julian Schroer, STV Pathfinder

Julian Schroer is the Captain of Toronto Brigantine’s STV Pathfinder.

 This summer the Pathfinder is sailing around the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay with as many as 100 trainees.  For the majority of the season, they sail along side the Playfair with Captain Rhys Weed.

 Here is a photo of Captain Schroer at the Yachtsmens Spring Thaw Luncheon this Spring 2010.  (from Left to Right Angus Armstrong, Harbourmaster, Toronto Port Authority, John Granger, Publisher, GAM magazine, Captain Julian Schroer STV Pathfinder


Here is a video of Julian being interviewed by A Channel morning show in Ottawa on the May 31st morning show.

 In this interview, Julian is promoting the Toronto Waterfront Festival this past Canada Day long weekend as well as the Toronto Brigantine’s youth sail training program.  He shared his sail training experiences.

Julian first sailed as a trainee on a tall ship at age 13 (11 years ago)- with the Toronto Brigantine’s!  He participated in the winter programs and sailed with Toronto Brigantine’s for five summers.

In 2003, Julian was the receipient of the Deep Sea Award. The Deep Sea award is presented annually (since 1970) to the Toronto Brigantine wardroom officer that best exemplifies the qualities of leadership, seamanship and commitment to the program. .  

Then he went sailing on a few other ships including the Unicorn that recently visited Toronto as part  of the Toronto Waterfront Festival, the first stop of the Great Lakes United Tall Ship Challenge 2010.  Julian spent several summers sailing out of Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico.

This slide show of the Unicorn shows Julian in “dangling” from a sail on the Unicorn. There would be no dangling on the Toronto Brigantine, cause everyone uses harnesses when they are aloft to esnure safety!

Eventually, Julian returned to the Toronto Brigantine’s and joined the team as Captain in 2009. Just this summer, Julian completed his 150 ton license. Congratulations on this milestone.

 On June 19, 2010, Toronto Brigantine celebrated the Blessing of the Fleet. Here is Captain Schroer presenting one of his crew, Matheus Fackelmann with the 2010 Seamanship Award and an engraved seaman’s knife. The Seamanship Award recognizes a trainee in the Winger program who shows a high level of initiative and teamwork.

L-R: Mattheus Fackelmann and Captain Julian Schroer, STV Pathfinder

In the May/Jun 2010 edition of BUMPH article, “Sail Away this Summer” Captain Julian Schroer says about his TBI experiences: “I would not be who I am now without TBI. It has given me skills that I was unable to develop in a traditional learning environment. It also gave me the confidence to apply those skills in various other aspects of my life”.   And later in the article, Captain Schroer reflects:  “When I first started sailing, I didn’t yet see the big picture. As I gained more experience, my role changed; the jobs be­came more complex and the focus much broader. Now, I spend much more time teaching the Crew. I know that I certainly wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t still love it.”

 The full article  in BUMPH is provided here on page 7 and 8 – it is a great read to get a sense of the impact of a tall ship adventure with Toronto Brigantine.

The full article  in BUMPH is provided here on page 7 and 8 – it is a great read to get a sense of the impact of a tall ship adventure with Toronto Brigantine.

There are still berths available for a sailing adventure with the Toronto Brigantine’s this summer. Call today to book your spot – maybe you will be one of our future Captains!

Happy Sailing and say hello to Captain Schroer, the crew and trainees when you see them on the lakes this summer.


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