Old forts of the War of 1812 era

In my research of my Sinotte/Loiselle genealogy, the old forts of of early Canada are coming up, and and it overlaps in my learning about tall ships.  

  • Fort George
  • Historical Fort York – some pictures from Toronto Brigantine’s participation in a naval reenactment a few years back
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • Old Fort Erie – the site of Canada’s Bloodiest Battlefield
  • The Naval Establishment in Penetanguishene Bay – Discovery Harbor – [I didn’t realize all the early settlement activities in the Georgian Bay – or that my early ancesters would have gone through the Georgian Bay on way to Michigan and Illinois as engageur ouest.]

Toronto Brigantine has visited many of these forts and naval spots over our 50 years of program.

With the the 1812 Bi-Centennial celebrations coming up in 2012 I am sure that we will have the opportunity to visit these spots again in the coming months and years.  

The theme for the Bi-Centennial is all around Celebrating 200 Years of Peace.  See Visit 1812 for more information about upcoming events.

One response

  1. Recently had a tour of grenadier island from 1 of the local. Showed pile of rocks thought to be spots used by soldiers for defending island. Could there be truth to this? Either way very early enjoyable. Saw one room school house that looks like the kids just walked out. must be
    from early1900’s. Scattered steel wheel farm implements scattered in other spots.

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