See you at Tall Ships Erie 2010

The Playfair and Pathfinder will be two of seven tall ships there that weekend. See details at Tall Ships Erie 2010 – its a fundraier for the Flagship Niagara. They expect to have betwen 30 and 50,000 visitors there that weekend.

This will be one stop in an Alumni sail at the end of the this years summer sail season. This Course #8 is starting from Goderich on Sep 7 – going doing to the Tall Ships Erie 2010 for Sep 9th through 11th, in time to be back up to Port Colborne for a group school sail Sep 14 to 15 and back to Toronto by Sept 17 or 18th.  See  Summer Program schedule. 

It is not the first time that Toronto Brigintine has sailed to Erie, PA.

In August 1999, both TS Playfair and STV Pathfinder were in Erie PA  along with the Pride of Baltimore II.  They were berthed at the Erie Maritime Museum – which is the home of Flagship Niagara (source: Erie Times-News).

The Playfair was in Erie in 1993 as well, with seven other ships taking part in Tall Ships Erie’93.

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