National Lifejacket Day May 20, 2010

Canadian Red Cross sponsored a National Lifejacket Day on May 20, 2010.

Mustang Survival has partnered with Canadian Red Cross for the National Life Jacket Day. And there is a contest that runs from May 1st to June 30th for the chance to win 20 Mustang lifejacket family packs (set of 4) and four grand prizes of inflatable lifejackets to be won!

Toronto Brigantine Inc will spend over $13,000 on safety equipment for our youth sail training programming including lifejackets and lifejacket refits. See here for more details of our needs.

If you are interested in contributing cash or in-kind towards other elements of our safety equipment that we need for our youth sail training program, please contact  TBI today: 

Toronto Brigantine Inc

413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

tel: 416-596-7117 OR OR

Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001

Enjoy a safe sailing season!


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