Fabulous Sailing Pictures

I thought that these pictures from the posting on Boston Globe’s online were fabulous – the contrast between the newer boats built for racing speed in contrast to the tall ships.


There are over 14 tall ships participating in the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge 2010 and there are six scheduled port events throughout the summer.

The first event will be in Toronto on Canada Day long weekend (Jun 30 to Jul 4th). The Toronto Brigantine’s two tall ships – STV Pathfinder and TS Playfair will be participating at the Toronto Waterfront Festival with 14 tall ships in total participating. 

The vessels are avaialble for charter during the Toronto Waterfront Festival, get up to 25 people who want to learn to sail a tall ship – a four hour team building event that you won’t forget.  Click here for details about chartering the boat for the event.

To sign up for any of the Toronto Brigantine Summer Sail Program or to make arrangements for a group charter event at any of the port events during the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge 2010, sign up today before all the spots are gone:

We look forward to seeing you around the Great Lakes – and in Toronto, Bay City and/or Chicago to join in the festivities for the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge.


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