Playfair Hull work and Seaman’s Mess Reconstruction

It will cost Toronto Brigantine about $27,000 for the hull out, the 5-Year Transport Canada inspection, the planned hull work and Seaman’s Mess reconstruction on the Playfair. 

Playfair is in drydock this May- even now –  for her 5-year inspection. This is a Transport Canada inspection that has us checking the shaft, prop, rudder, seacocks and the hull.  Volunteers for the dry dock work is greatly appreciated and you can sign up through the Toronto Brigantine  Facebook group, or by calling Laurie at the office.

Playfair in dry dock




 While Playfair is in dry dock, there is approximately 200 square feet of platwork that is being done on the hull of the Playfair.   

 At the same time as the work on the hull is being done, TBI is also completing a reconstruction of the Seasman’s Mess.  This redo of the mess will allow us to make changes to the  configurations to improve accommodations for the trainees.  There is such a great amount of woodwork involved in the reconstruction, most any day at the shop, there are lots of folks working hard. I saw Tim Pyron and Andrew Jones at the shop hard at work yesterday.

Even with all the volunteers that we have helping us with the work, the costs for the specific trained skills and the materials needed for these projects really add up.

  • The Haulout itself is $5,000
  • The inspections and work on the rudder, prop, shaft and valves including ultrasound survey will be about $3,000
  •  The Steelwork and coatings will be about $13,000
  •  The Seamn’s mess and galley reconstriction will be about $15,000

Toronto Brigantine provides great recognition opportunities for our donors and supports:

  • As a Registered Canadian Charity (11926 5924 RR0001), TBI provides tax receipts for all eligible contributions. 
  • Toronto Brigantine recognizes donors on their website and sends out feature announcements in their newsletter to over 2,000 subscribers. 
  • Depending on the level of contributions, Toronto Brigantine may also fly the corporate logo of major donors on the vessels as they participate in various port activities (including the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge 2010 at port events in Toronto, Bay City and Chicago where over 3 MM visitors are expected).
  • And for even higher level of contribution,  Toronto Brigantine can also arrange for corporate sail event to involve your friends, employees, colleagues or favorite youth group  to experience the sail training experience for themselves.

The Playfair was built in 1973 thanks to the generousity and support of many long time Toronto Brigantine supporters including the Phalen Family.  There is a plaque commemorating CARA’s support for the original fitting of Playfair’s Seaman’s Mess.  It was exciting to have the Playfair christened by Queen Elizabeth II!  Although Playfair was built very well it is not expected that at 37 years old, we need to invest in her long life to come.

Playfair is scheduled to be back in the water by May 21  — that gives us time to get in more officer sail training time before the Blessing of the Fleet that is scheduled for June 19. And we will be in fine form for the summer season that starts with participation at the Toronto Waterfront Festival from Jun 30 to Jul 4th, the first stop of the Great Lakes United Tall Ship Challenge 2010.

 If you are interested in volunteering to work on the boats or want to contribute financially or in kind to the hull work and the Seaman’s Mess reconstruction which is budgeted at approximately $27,000, please contact TBI  at your earliest convenience.

We hope that you will come visit the Playfair at the Toronto Waterfront Festival – and see her new Seaman’s Mess!


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