The Playfair Needs a New Lock

The Captains and their crew are working hard to get the boats ready for the new season.  There are big things and little things that need attention on the boats – we have a big long list!

One of the things that the Playfair needs is a new lock on for the deck house door (part number 3523/BR/125/LH. from Davey and Co).

This particular lock comes from   Davey and Co in the UK. What a fancy little hardware store!   Their brand is quite prestiguous in the classic yachting and working sail world it would seem. They distribute their products to a few stores in the UK, two locations in the US, and amoung other places, even to a store in South Africa. But, alas, none in Canada are posted on their website!

The Playfair was built in 1973 in Kingston Ontario – and the lock was there from the begging.  Queen Elizbeth II christened the Playfair. 

[I am still laughing from a story that Mike Leigh told me about the day of the christening ceremony].

I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II noticed this fancy lock on the door that came all the way from the UK.

If you have a lock to give us for the door – or want to contribute the funds to order the lock from Davey and Co in the UK – please give the Toronto Brigantine office a call.

See you on the water this summer!


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