About Toronto Brigantine

Updated Mar 2011:

Toronto Brigantine is a registered Canadian Charity that  offers youth leadership and skills development traiing through tall ship sail training.  Our two tall ships, STV Pathfinder and TS Playfair, are crewed by teenager Officers and Trainees.  The TBI youth sail training program applies a peer-to-peer training model and they sail the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay, stopping in many local communities along the way. 

A summary of the 2011 Summer Sail schedule is provided here:


The program is offered to boys and girls from 13 to 18 years of age.  Up to 220 youth can go through the program each year.  Enrolment has been pretty much split male/female. 

Almost a third of the trainees, upon qualification, are subsidized in whole or in part by bursary program. About a third of the summer sail trainees stay on for our winter program with many of these becoming volunteer crew in subsequent summers after participating in training in the TBI Winter Program.

Toronto Brigantine’s Program has been a memorable life changing experience for 20,000 alumni over the almost 50 years since Toronto Brigantine was founded

 The benefits of youth sail training and the peer to peer training model are well documented.  The trainees learn responsibility, teamwork, self-reliance and good citizenship while enjoying the adventure of tall ship sailing around the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay .

 We see the benefits of  the program  in the feedback from the participants and their parents – and by our alumni even almost 50 years later!   And the benefits of the program on the life our our trainees are also validated by a recent study by the University of Edinburgh that evaluated the impact of sail training programs.

Volunteerism is an important aspect of our youth sail training program. About 30,000 volunteer hours are given each year to run our program, our teenager officers (Transport Canada  certified) lead the summer programs, officers and trainees work on the boats each winter to prepare the vessels for the next season.  

 We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary with you in 2012! 

For more information about our programming and fundraising needs, please contact Toronto Brigantine office. 

Toronto Brigantine Inc

413-215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

tel: 416-596-7117 OR office@torontobrigantine.org OR www.torontobrigantine.org

Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001


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