In Memory of Sandy Mowat, August 18, 2009

Many of the Toronto Brigantine alumni remember Sandy from their Toronto Brigantine days and the trip to Expo 67.

Robert Alexander Laird Moway passed away August 18, 2009 at the age of 58.  He obviously had fond memories of his times with Toronto Brigantine and at Expo 67 as mentioned at his memorial.

Excerpts from Sandy Mowat’s Funeral service, written by Robin Mowat.

“The last time I saw my father and my mother together, he spoke at length about the summer of 1967 – the year of Canada’s centennial and the Montreal Expo. He was sixteen and he was a crewman on the Sail Training Vessel Pathfinder. A paid gig. He spent the summer barefoot, shirtless, sun on his back, wind in his hair, as the Pathfinder plied the waters of the St. Lawrence. In Montreal, he wandered among the Expo pavilions as a VIP in his white uniform. The summer nights were filled with magic.”

“That summer was the first time he would take the wheel, steer a vessel – and under his fingers, in his palms, he felt the taut pull of the wind, of the Sea of Life pulling him forward.”

And the speech ends with

“Memories are gifts from the great Sea of Life and you can board them and sail around in them anytime you like, regardless of if your life is swamped by storms or softened under sunny skies.”

Toronto Brigantine  sends our best wishes to Sandy’s family and friends.


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