Toronto Maritime Museum – NOT

In 2008, the Toronto Maritime museum was closed and all the exhibits are in storage. 

According to the posting in wikipedia, the Toronto Maritime Museum was previously housed in the historic Stanley Barracks on the CNE groups next to the museum boat the  tugboat Ned Hanlan (which is closed to the public).

In 2000, the Toronto Marine Museum was moved to a site on Queen’s Quay (in a 1930s shipping warehouse THE PIER) and it featured a number of historic model ships. See the discription here.

But it was in 2008, that the Museum on Queen’s Quay was also closed and all the displays put into storage in various spots around the city.  Apparently organizers are still looking for funding for a new museum location even now.

From time to time, items from the museum are lent out for display in other places. In fact, this summer 2010,  the MARCONI radio room from ASSINIBOIA will be lent for display on Keewatin from The City of Toronto’s Historical Warehouse (from the old Marine Museum).

There are a host of other Great Lakes Museums and Historic Vessels.  For those interested in marine history, you will see a listing of them  here.

One of the museums is the Fathom Five National Marine Park in Tobermory ON.  It is Canada’s first national underwater maritime park that includes 19 of the areas 26 ship wrecks, two of which can be seen from a glass bottom boat. Here is a picture of one of the ship wrecks that was scene by the crew of the Toronto Brigantine’s one recent summer. In 2010, we will be sailing near Fathom Five National Park during Course 5.

It was Clare Wescott that told me that he thought Kingston had one of the best marine museums. The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kington was once part of a shipyard and explores the art of shipbuilding. The museum ship Alexander Henry, a former Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, is open for tours and as a bread and breakfast.

…. And only time will tell whether Toronto will open up their Maritime Museum again!

4 responses

  1. Yeah, sad to hear the museum’s closed. I worked there in ’90-’91 when it was at Stanley Barracks, in the middle of a vast wind-swept ocean of CNE asphalt. But great place to work, and some cool exhibits.

  2. a friend of mine has an autograph book signed by many of thr entertainers and shipmen of he Noronic…she is wondering if there is a place for things like this from the shio

    1. Try the marine museum in kingston

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