Seann O’Donoughue did an exchange on Spirit of Massachusetts

From Seann O’Donoughue April 19, 2010:

I received the Deep Sea Award in 1986.
The exchange was carried out aboard the SSS SPIRIT OF MASSACHUSSETS.
I spent roughly 3 weeks with them.
I joined the ship in fishing port of New Bedford, Mass, and we participated on a 5 day Whale watching cruise to observe Humpback Whales in their breeding grounds.
We spent a week in Boston,  the ships home port,  and I had the opportunity to carry out ship maintenance, and  participate in various fund-raising activities that they do like donor sails etc.
The highlight of the trip was to participate in the Great Schooner Race out of Gloucester, Mass [the town in the “Perfect Storm”] with about 20 schooners from all over.
Our schooner won.  What a big public event. Sea shanties & boiled dinner – big pots of boiled lobster & vegetables.
I received $700.00 from the Naval officers’ Association for the award, which covered airfare & a little  more.
I brought back new ideas to the [TBI] program, and got to see how another organization does their work in a professional way, with a newer ship and a much larger budget than what we had to work with.
We introduced the idea of dressing better for the public, particularly when asking for money. The idea that people will be more likely to donate money to us if we looked neat vs  looking like a bunch of kids who sand &  paint & get dirty instead of shopping.
Toronto Brigantine instilled a good work ethic in me, one that I carry today.
Seann O’Donoughue
Winner Deep Sea Award, 1986
XO Pathfinder 1987
Captain Playfair 1992
Captain ALGOISLE 2010
Sponsor of Toronto Brigantine’s annual Seamanship Award
… and Long time donor and supporter of Toronto Brigantine
Vessel Type Home Date built Sparred Length A photo
Spirit of Massachusetts Schooner Boston, MA 1984 125 feet  

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