Keewatin: her MARCONI radio room opens May 24, 2010

This summer 2010,  the MARCONI radio equipment from the ASSINIBOIA, will be lent from The City of Toronto’s Historical warehouse (from the old Marine Museum)   for display on the SS KEEWATIN.       The Radio shack has been recreated on the top deck of the Keewatin and the MARCONI equipment that was originally on the ASSINIBOIA, Keewatin’s sister ship, will be displayed there starting May 24, 2010.

Both the Keewatin and the ASSINABOIA were 350 feet long and pre-date Titanic by 5 years.      The Keewatin is a coal burning passenger steamer that sailed the lakes from 1907 to 1965. She is known for her refined accommodations and speed and sailed under the Canadian Pacific Railway flag.  She is in fantastic condition, one of the only Edwardian steamers still existing in the world.  She was build in Scotland and is now 103 years old. She is currently berthed in Saugatuck-Douglas MI, a short distance from Chicago IL.  

Here is a great video of “the Mighty Ship Keewatin” on youtube with music and lyrics by Albert Hall. The video features Eric Conway who started sailing the Great lakes at 17 as crew on the SS KEEWATIN in 1964. In particular,  the shots of the cadet and the guy flashing his wallet in the knitted sweater are Eric.

Eric Conway sent these pictures of the Keewatin from his trip to the ship April 2010.  

  Saugatuck April 017.jpg   Saugatuck April 020.jpg   Saugatuck April 022 (2).jpg
  Saugatuck April 035.jpg    


Perhaps one summer season, when the schedule allows,  the Pathfinder and Playfair and crew will be able to stop by to visit the Keewatin (we can’t this year because of the tight schedule that we have with the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge 2010. 

Our Brigantine’s will look mighty punny – compared with the Keewatin!


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  1. How cool is this: SS Keewatin is scheduled in June 2012 to be moved back to her home port of Port McNicoll, Ontario, CANADA, for restoration and permanent display as a maritime museum and event facility. The “Welcome Home” ceremony for the SS Keewatin will take place on Saturday June 23, 2012 between 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Port McNicoll, Ontario, CANADA.

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