STV Trident II

Updated Feb 24, 2012:

From the 60s through at least to the early 1980s,  in addition to the brigantines Pathfinder(in 1962) and Playfair (in 1972), Toronto Brigantine also operated three p-Boats and STV Trident II.  The p-Boats and Trident were used to provide initial training for the trainees before going on to the brigantines, Pathfinder and Playfair.

STV Trident II was a 37 foot Gaff Cutter.  She was owned and operated by Toronto Brigantine from 1966 to 1981.

This steel hulled schooner was donated to Toronto Brigantine for one dollar in 1966.   [Photo provided by Mike Leigh].

Doug Jones describes his meeting with Trident: “I was the first one from Toronto Brigantine to set foot upon this fine old vessel when I went with my father and Maurice Smith over to Queen City Yacht Club to take a look at her. I was the young guy and very use to climbing things and while the old guys were looking for a ladder to climb aboard (she was out of the water) I managed to climb up the cradle and was the first onboard. It was also the very first vessel I ever worked on and seems I caught some kind of bug or something and have never been able to get away from boats ever since, go figure eh.”

Her first captain was Fred McConnell in 1968, then Captain Mike Leigh in 1969.

William Mewes sailed with Toronto Brigantine from 1967 to 1969.  He sailed on both the STV Trident and Pathfinder.  [Photo posted on Facebook by William Mewes].

In 1970 David Mather was Captain, with XOs Neil Smith and Doug Jones.

In 1971,  John Hamer, was Captain, with Mike Rice as XO.

In 1972, it was Captain Greig Cook with XO Paul Clarke and Second Mate Richard Birchall on Trident.

Toronto Brigantine played a  small part in  the 60 years of safe sail training programming at Hamilton Power and Sail Squadron.  See The Hamilton Power & Sail Squadron’s 60th Anniversary 1949-2009 on Page 23 of their Anniversary Brochure, we are mentioned.

February 1972: Big ad by Hill TV Marine division on Nautaline houseboats. In “Odds and Sods”  an article about Toronto Brigantine Inc. outlining the training schedule for boys aged 14 to 18 on the Pathfinder andTrident II.

John Hamer continued as Captain of Trident in 1973 and 1974. In 1973, his XO was Mike Rice again, and in 1974 his XO was  Richard Birchall.

Here is a picture of skipper John Hamer  on Trident in 1975 sitting on the coach roof as they tacked their way down Long Reach in the direction of Lake Ontario on a trip on the Bay of Quinte. [Photo submitted by Jurgen Braunohler, TBI alumnus 1973-1975].

Dave Hughes was captain of Trident, in 1975, 1976 and again in 1980. In 1975 his XO was Dean Powell. In 1976, his XO was Dan Beresford. 1976 was the last year of the Toronto Brigantine program on Waupoos Island.

Jurgen Braunohler wrote of his first sail on STV Trident, in his article “Cutter Trident” Published in Flotilla, the newsletter for OHCC, April 2008, Page 5.

Click here for more pictures of Trident from 1976 and 1978.

TBI Pictures of Trident from 1976 1978

Here is a photo of cutter Trident under sail with David Hughes as Skipper from 1975. [Photo submitted by Jurgen Braunohler, TBI alumnus 1973-1975].

The summer of 1976, Mark Collins recalls doing training on Waupoos Island before going down to New York for the Op Sail, and then after the Op Sail returning as PO sailing on the P Boats and Trident.

In 1977, Tony Case was Captain and Chris Hatashita was XO.

In 1978, Trident’s officers were Captain Bruce Hunter, and XOs Paul Elliot and Ted Overton.

In 1979, Captain Jamie Tannahill was at the helm, with XOs Jim G Weaver.  Warren Jones was among the crew.

1980, Dave Hughes was Trident Captain again, with Phil Mansell as his XO.

In 1980, Phil Mansell stayed on as XO for Trident’s last year with Toronto Brigantine. The Captain was Bruce Macdonald and the Ward Officers also included:  Mike Blair,  Paul Hickey.

Click here to check out the pictures that Bruce Macdonald rescued from mold and mildew.

Later the Trident II was sold to Michael Davies, former owner of the Kingston Whig Standard (Per Karen Addison, Facebook, Sep 22, 2009). According to Jurgen Braumohler in his article “Cutter Trident” Published in Flotilla, the newsletter for OHCC, April 2008, The Trident “sank years later in the Atlatic Ocean under another owner”.

I guess, by adding STV, it isn’t confused with the UGM-133 Trident II a submarine launched ballistic missile.

Do share your Trident II adventures and pictures.

3 responses

  1. Cool…
    Thank you for posting this!

    My first cruise on the Trident II was a Christmas Eve Cruise we left Brigantine House on Stadium Road around 6pm on December 24th and just puttered around the Toronto Shoreline returning home Christmas Day around 11am.

    It actualy snowed while we were out there which I thought was kind of neat.

    My previous sailing experience was limited to taking lessons in an Albacore at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club.

  2. I was the last skipper of beautiful, old, ‘Multi-Dent. Mike Blair was the mate and Paul Hickey was the second mate. We had a fantastic summer and actually turned a profit for TBI. We were getting ready for another season when one day I was on the dock and saw a flash from below. Thinking that there might be a battery problem I jumped below my little ship and bumped into a fellow taking photos. He explained to me that he had just bought her! He had gone in to make a donation and ended up making a ridiculously low-ball offer on Trident and she was his. To add insult to injury, part of the deal was that I was to show him how to sail as he was a novice. His plans were to cut the mast down, take off the bowsprit and gaff-rig, put in a larger motor and take her down to the Caribbean and anchor out. He gave me a bronze knife fore my troubles and I never saw him or my ship again.
    I have often looked for her in my travels and on the ‘net. Sorry to hear that she is again on the bottom. Again, as prior to her joining TBI she had been sunk during Hurricane Hazel when it swept through Toronto.

  3. Dave Ritchie (Toronto) | Reply

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I have stories to tell as a 15 year old sailing on TRIDENT of experiences that I think about constantly from 1966-7 to this very day. The last time I saw Her She was up for “sale”, sitting in a crib at Harbourfront. The price was $18,000 but my wife and I were preparing to buy our first house. My dad had an old wooden sailboat given to him that he was attempting to fix up and had asked me if i was interested in keeping it. I wrote a letter to him telling him about Trident but didn’t press the issue because we really needed his help in bridging for a mortgage for the house. This is but one of many Trident related anecdotes. I’m sorry to hear that She allegedly went down. At least it’s great to see some pictures of Trident. Thanks again, Dave Ritchie.

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