TBI needs Telecommunicatons and Navigational Equipment

As part of our overall wish list, Toronto Brigantine has the following telecommunications and navigational equipment on our wish list.

Toronto Brigantine is a Registered Canadian charity and tax receipts are issued.

The TBI ships carry traditional marine communication and safety equipment including

Class D VHF radios

EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon).

In addition to these communication tools, cell phones remain a key communication tool for TBI because of their ease of use and the excellent coverage offered in the Great Lakes basin.  Cell phones are important connections to the Coast Guard, Emergency services or doctors in case of emergency. We also use cell phones for checking the weather, coordinating and pre-arranging events, we well as ordering parts and supplies while away from our home port.

Our Cell phones, air time, data link and data costs total approximately $8,500 annually.

Detailed needs

In summer months, air time is expensive as we cross the US/Canadian air spaces frequently – approximate value = 2x$500/month =  $6,000/yr

Smartphones and Air Time

Two smartphones (preferably Blackberrys), replaced annually (due to marine environments effect on the phones) – approximate value 2x$500 = $1,000/yr

Air time, in winter months – approximate value =  2x$100/month =  $1,200/y

New Navigational Equipment and Data costs    Approximate value CAD $25,000 per ship

In particular, we are hoping to install  Furino equipment. They make good quality commercial equipment, they use standard interconnects which makes it easy to integrate with existing equipment and Furino is known to provide excellent support, service and parts availability.

– MFD12 – 12″ Multi-Function Display (USD$4895)
– DRS4D – 4kW 24″ Radome (USD$2800)
– SC30 – Satellite Compass (USD$2695)
– WS200 – GPS/Weather Station (USD$1495)
– DFF1 – Digital Fish Finder (USD$900)
– 525STID-MSD – Transducer w/ Speed & Temp (USD$325)
– FA-50 Class B AIS Transponder  (USD$1800)
– HUB101 – Interswitch Hub (USD$675)
– Plus antennas, wire, cables, fittings, labour, etc.

And with the installation of the new Navigational Equipment comes the cost of the data link to support it!

Data Link for our Navigational Equipment: Two SBM/GPRS/EDGE serial data links, replaced every five years (approximate value $2/$500 or $1,000/5 years

Data costs: 1MB/hr x 24hrs = 24MB/day x 30days = 720MB/mth  to 1GB/mth at $35/mth = $420/yr

For more information about contributing in cash or in-kind to Toronto Brigantine, please contact Toronto Brigantine office.

We look forward to sailing with you this summer!

Toronto Brigantine Inc Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001


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