New Taffrails needed

Over the next three years, Toronto Brigantine plans up to $300,000 in refit and updates to the two brigantines. The taffrail are included.

Modifications are needed to taffrail to meet updates to the  Transport Canada requirements and to accommodate the new life raft. This is for both boats, and the cost for this is about $8,000.   Gift in Kind of  Mahogany to be used for taffrail, gunnel caping and other on-deck wood work is appreciated.


From Keith Leewis, April 7, 2010: Wow need to replace the taffrails already, but I guess it has been two generations.  I remember putting them on with the other crew and volunteers, including my Dad.  This was done over the first winter in Toronto.  They made all the deck lights and the deck house plus added the bunks, kitchen and all the other stuff below.  I did the tile floor in the Captain’s cabin in 1” x 1” and fussy black and white (wonder if they’re still there?). We were working out of an old warehouse next to the RCYC ferry at the foot of York Street.  Did you know we sank that winter and the firemen had to bail us out?  There was a greasy spoon out front, in an old rail car on the siding, and he made the best french toast.

For more information about contributing in cash or in-kind to Toronto Brigantine, please contact Toronto Brigantine office.

We look forward to sailing with you this summer!

Toronto Brigantine Inc Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001


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