Toronto Brigantine visits SS Montrealais

On Mar 22, 2010, ten of Toronto Brigantine’s young officers were able to have a personal tour of the SS Montrealais on Mar 22, 2010.

The officers were truly impressed by the visit. While only four officers indicated a career in the marine industry was something they were considering before the visit, almost all admitted after the visit that a career in the industry is definately something to think about seriously.

Our hosts included  Andrew Mayes, Kevin Kelly and the officers of the Montrealais.  Their comments and anecdotes made the tour a fun learning experience for our young officers.

Andrew Mays provided us with with a picture of the TBI and SS Montrealais crews for the memory books.

The visit was so successful that Andrew Mays suggests that it be an annual event. 

Guy Cloutier, a Toronto Brigantine Board Member helped to organize the event.

Toronto Brigantine is pleased to have Upper Lakes a supporter of our programs.


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  1. Would anyone happen t o have a picture of the staff of the Montrelais back in the 1990’s ?

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