Pepsi Tall Ships Chicago 2010 (Aug 24 to 29)

Chicago is the final stop of the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge. The Tall Ships Challenge theme is “the Race to Save the Lakes” and promoting a message of conservation and protection of the worlds largest source of fresh surface water.

Here are pictures of the brigantine’s when they were in Chicago in 2006.

The Playfair and Pathfinder are two of twelve tall ships participating in the Pepsi Tall Ships Chicago 2010 on Navy Pier (Aug 24 to 29). We will be the smaller vessels in the show, but we look just as pretty as the rest of them!

Trainees participating in Toronto Brigantine’s Course #6 Summer Sail Program from Tobermory and ending their sail in Chicago joining the Tall Ship Challenge as they sail into Navy Pier. Course#7 starts in Chicago for the Toronto bound journey, but will only get as far as Goderich, just in time to get ready for school.

To sign up for any of the Toronto Brigantine Summer Sail Program or to make arrangements for a group charter event at any of these port events, sign up today before all the spots are gone:

We look forward to seeing you around the Great Lakes – and in Toronto, Bay City and/or Chicago to join in the festivities for the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge.

Here is the list of Tall Ships that you will see in Chicago from the  official schedule.

Vessel Type Home Date built Sparred Length A photo
Amistad Topsail Schooner New Haven, CT USA   129 feet
Appledore IV Gaff Topsail Schooner Bay City, MI 1989 85 feet
Denis Sullivan 3-masted Schooner Milwaukee, WI USA 2000 137 feet
Europa Bark Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1911 185 feet
Friends Good Will Square Topsail Sloop South Haven, MI USA 2004 101 Feet
Inland Seas Gaff Schooner, two masted Suttons Bay, MI USA 1994 77 feet
Lynx Square Topsail Schooner Newport Beach, CA USA 2001 122 feet
Flagship Niagara Brig Erie, PAUSA 1911 198 feet
Madeline Gaff Topsail Schooner Traverse City, MI 1990 92 feet
Pathfinder Brigantine Toronto, ON 1962 72 feet
Playfair Brigantine Toronto, ON 1974 72 feet
Pride of Baltimore II Square Topsail Schooner Baltimore, MD USA 1988 170 feet
Roald Amundsen Brig Eckernforde, Germany 1953 165 feet
Roseway Schooner St. Croix, US Virgin Islands 1925 137 feet
Red Witch Gaff Schooner Chicago, IL USA 1986 77 feet
STV Unicorn(Sisters under Sail) Topsail Schooner Clinton, NJ USA 1947 188 feet
Windy Gaff Topsail Schooner Chicago, IL USA 1996 148 feet

 Not officially on the schedule, but their website indicates that they are participating in the challenge.

name Type Home Date Built Spar length  Photo
Royaliste Gaff rigged, square topsail ketch USA 1971 68 feet  

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