There is lots of Sanding going on

The weather is warming, and as the Toronto Brigantine  Winter Program  is coming to an end (well not until May) , the  trainees and officers work to ready the boats for the summer season.    

 These pictures were taken by Jim Orgill, Toronto Brigantine friend and harbourfront neighbour, this long weekend, April, 3rd, 2010. Lots of work was also underway in the Brig House and below deck on the boats, not shown here.

Work goes on, high and low, with electric equipment and more detailed manual labour.

How profficient this guy looks, working up high with power tools and sanders.

The Spindles are being sanded, scraped and refarnished. Some need replacement and that is why we welcome donations of mohagany to make the replacements from.

No idea what this thing is that he is working on, but boy, what a lot of sandpaper we go through.

For more information about our Summer or Winter programming and fundraising needs, please contact Toronto Brigantine office.

We look forward to sailing with you this summer!


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