The Boats Need New Decks and Spars

Our vessels were built in 1962 and 1972.

Although they have been well maintained they are now ready for a major refit – to get them ready for the next 40 years. One of the big items that needs replacing is the wood decks. The total cost of the project is approximately $50,000 per vessel. This includes the wood, studding (to secure the wood to the metal underdeck), finishing compounds and labour.  


It is Quarter Sawn Douglas fir that we need for deck replacements and spars


(1) The cheapest source is to get wood from a mill in BC provides us with green, rough sawn lumber.  But then we would have to store and dry for months, and complete all the dressing through a use of a Professional wood shop.

(2) Get logs donated by forestry industry, but then need to be milled by a second party dealing with Quality control.

(3) Obtain the dressed pieces. 

(4) Buy in bulk for further cost savings, buying dressed, seasons for first deck and rough, green for second. 

Timing has to be prep work in September, start in October because seam compound required temperatures above zero, with finish applied in Spring depending on weather. When wood is received, need storage in brig house with ventilation.

The estimated cost for new deck replacements per ship is estimated as follows – less whatever gift in kind and volunteer hours that are contributed:

Category Estimated supplies Estimated Cost
Wood Douglas fir: vertical grain, boat or “A” grade, faced four sides and up to 1,000 bf.Bf=1”x12”x12”.Raw sawn lumber 8/4 finished at 1 3/4”   $8,000
Bedding 20 x 5 gallon pales $4.000
Seams Sika,primer and bond breaker $2,000
Studs up to 2,000 ¼ x 1” studs  and collars $6,000
Miscellaneous 2000 each of Fasteners , nuts, washers, finish (12 gallons), epoxy (1B pack West System) and then all the sand paper, gloves, glue for plugs, thinners, patter board, rags, etc $3,000
Labour Up 500 hours $15,000
Contingency   $4,0000
TOTAL   $42,000

 For more information about contributing in cash or in-kind to Toronto Brigantine, please contact Toronto Brigantine office.

We look forward to hearing from any of you that have some spare Quarter Sawn Douglas Fir hanging around!

Toronto Brigantine Inc Registered Canadian Charity 11926 5924 RR0001

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