Royal Canadian Mint Tall Ships Collection, 2007

It was really neat to learn about how The Playfair and her captain, Rhys Weed, was able to participate in a presentation of the new 2007 coin, the third of the Royal Mint Tall Ships Collection (2005-2007). The coin was presented to Rhys while The Playfair was in Dartmouth, NS as part of the 2007 Tall Ships Nova Scotia Festival.

Click here for the Press Release for the event.

There are three coins in the series.

Year Theme Artist Mintage Issue Price
2005 Three-Masted Ship Bonnie Ross 20,000 $69.95
2006 The Ketch John M. Horton 16,000 $69.95
2007 The Brigantine Bonnie Ross 16,000 $74.95


The third coin celebrates the two masted Brigantine sailing into the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Click here for the description of the coin

2007 Tall Ships Collection $20 Coin - Brigantine (GST Extempt)

The Toronto Brigantine’s tall ships, STV Pathfinder and TS Playfair are brigantines.

In 2010, the Royal Canadian Mint launched  a coin to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s Navy.

Not sure what the “first” Canadian coin was showing a tall ship , but…

The Bluenose, schooner from Lunenberg NS,  was shown on the 1929 Canadian Bluenose postage stamp and another two stamps issued in 1982 and 1999. The fishing schooner added on the Canadian dime in 1937 is a composite image of three schooners including the  Bluenose.

DID YOU KNOW?  Numismatics. Its the study and collection of coins or, more broadly, any commodity used by any culture at any time in history as a means of exchange (eg Paper, coins, tokens, wampum and beads).

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